Solutions with high technological values for Research &Development

About us

We are an innovative start-up, founded in July 2015, born as a joint project of a group of experienced professionals and young researchers.We operate in the fields of biotechnology, mechatronics and Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and is distinguishes ourselves through a strong dedication to basic and applied research in life sciences.Our focus is to offer innovative products for research labs in order to improve the daily practical activities.

Biofield products are manufactured in our labs, ensuring major control and quality of pre and post selling.


Why us ?

We offer quality and innovation            

We are fast and precise

The customer has the highest priority!


BIOFIELD INNOVATION is mainly active in the field of natural and biotechnological sciences, in Research & Development, production and commercialization of high-tech products and innovative services.

BIOFIELD INNOVATION can also act as manufacturer for third parties and/or provide assistance for the production by a third party.

Founded Research Projects

2017-2018 Avanzamenti della tecnologia Real Time PCR per la diagnostica in-vitro UE e Regione del Veneto, POR FESR 2014-2020 - DGR n. 1581 del 10 ottobre 2016


We are a team of qualified persons. Our group, starting from management to lab staff is composed from people with strong skills in company and lab managing, but also from young neo-graduated researchers.

This combination allows our start-up to offer solutions and high quality products, useful with high technological value.




Dr. Elisa Scalzotto

Dr. Dino Paladin

Dr. Massimiliano Gianni Cattelan

Eng. Wang Haoyang



Dr. Elisa Scalzotto



Dr. Fiammetta Aldegheri


Sales and Marketing

Dr. Massimiliano Gianni Cattelan

R&D, Technological development and instruments

Dr. Floriana Moissenco

Dr. Giulia Costanzi

Dr. Anna Grosso

Dr. Davide Brunoro

Dr. Irene Raccagni

Dr. Roberta Colladel

Dr. Mohamad Hadla

Dr. Jenny Antonello


Ph.D. scholars

Dr. Serena Tiozzo,

Dr. Arianna Dalla Pozza

Dr. Mattia Forcato




Via Svizzera, 16 - 35127 Padova (Italy) - Tel: +39 049 761698 - Fax: +39 049 8709510

P.I. 04915150280 – Padova Economic Administrative Register No.  428214

Authorized capital: 500,000 Euro