About us

BIOFIELD INNOVATION S.R.L. operates on the biotechnological innovation front in the clinical-diagnostic field and as such directs part of its research activity towards the market of new technologies in order to increase the offer of innovative services and maintain competitiveness on the market in the long term.

Biofield Innovation has decided to invest in the know-how relating to the following methods, achieving the development of applications with high innovative value:

  • Bioinformatics analysis for RNA virus sequencing with integrated phylogenetic analysis;
  • Highly multiplexed primer design for nucleic acid amplifications in NGS sequencing of RNA viruses;
  • Process study and production of robotic aliquoting systems for molecular methods;
  • Design and implementation of a non-invasive method for assessing the permeability of the entire gastrointestinal tract, from the stomach through the small intestine to the colon.

Why us?



Is mainly active in the field of natural and biotechnological sciences, in Research & Development, production and commercialization of high-tech products and innovative services.


Can also act as manufacturer for third parties and/or provide assistance for the production by a third party.